My name is María, I'm 26 years old, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I currently live in Barcelona. I love sex, explore my sexuality and meet people who enrich my life with new experiences as I also like to put a little excitement in theirs.


If I have to choose some words that describe me, they could be natural, cheerful and passionate. Simple and complex at the same time, full of adventures and experiences in constant search for more. I have a strong personality mixed with sweetness, warmth and a little mystery with great curiosity. I love to learn and I am on my way to find new ways of expression and create my own projects so I like to be surrounded by creativity and inspiration. I love meeting new people, listening, speaking and exchanging thoughts, opinions and feelings on any topic that appears. I have black hair, green eyes and freckles on my back. I am proud of my curves and my natural body.


My interests are varied but if there is something that I love is music. I also like to read about art, culture, psychology, nutrition, internet, ethics, biotechnology, social movements and all topics that interest me. I like to know and pay attention to new knowledge. I am fascinated by cats, plants, going to exhibitions and museums (especially art or design), coffee, trying on new clothes, eating out, walking, getting into the sea and getting to know new places, discovering books in bookstores and dancing. I am an active person: I exercise regularly and I love it. My diet is vegan, I don't smoke and I drink alcohol very occasionally in certain social occasions. I love to travel and meet new places. I lived and traveled to different countries and cities and I have many others in mind to know.


My philosophy of life? Hedonism and the desire for well-being not only for me but for everyone. ♦


City: Barcelona but love travelling around

Body type: Curvy and natural

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual 


Height: 1,63 / 5' 4"

Weight: 60kg / 132lbs

Age: 26

Languages: Spanish (native) and English

Skin: White, freckles in my back and nose

Tattoos: Two in my arms (some words in one, some draw anime related in the other)

Eyes: Green, deep and misterious. 

Hair: black 

Food: Fresh vegetables, Asian, anything vegan 

Book: Lunch poems by Frank O'Hara

Interests: Music, pop culture, art in any form

Favourite color: Black